Microwave Repair Guys

Affordable Prices

At Microwave Repair Guys, we offer a wide variety of appliance repair and maintenance services including microwave repair at very affordable prices. We believe in delivering quality work without burdening our clients with big bills. Call us today at if you are having any troubles with your microwave or any other home appliance for that matter.

24 hour services

We know and understand how disappointed to have your microwave breakdown in the middle of the night when you are just from. But with the microwave repair service offered by us, you have nothing to worry about since we work round the clock and we will attend to you anytime you should call us. Take advantage of our 24 hours services to get your microwave repaired at any time of the day. Call us for our emergency services.

Quick response

In addition to having a 24hour emergency services, we are also very prompt in our responses. When you call us, we will rush to your residence in the shortest time possible. We have a number of mobile vans stationed at different places within the city to make access to your house easy and faster. Unlike the rest, we don’t want you to endure the disappointment that comes with damaged or destroyed microwave for long. MRG is concerned about your comfort and convenience.

Genuine parts available

Our high reputation in offering quality microwave repair service only permits us to use genuine and long lasting parts on your appliances. We are not interested in quick fix whereby we install fake parts just to get your appliance working again. Microwave Repair Guys feels that it is ethical to supply you with the genuine parts as this will add to the longevity of your appliance and reduce many other risks.

Warranty on parts and labor

Still to assert that we offer reliable microwave repair services, we wave warranties on the parts we provide and on the labor. In this sense therefore, should your experience any troubles after we have just serviced your appliance or should the spare part we just fixed fail, you won’t have to incur additional charges in fixing it again as you will be covered by our comprehensive warranty.

Local technicians

It will please to learn that we work with local technicians who are not only knowledgeable in the repair and maintenance of the home appliances but they are also well versed the area implying that they will take a short period of time to reach your home and offer you with the services. This is also a further guarantee of quality since our technicians will always be around hence you can get hold of them any time something goes wrong with their jobs.

Flexible scheduling

You have a fixed program due to work or other commitments but your microwave won’t just turn on? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Microwave Repair Guys offers you a great deal of flexibility with regards to the time you can call for our services. The fact that we also work at night makes you choose the most appropriate time of the day that will not affect your normal schedule. Contact us today at and schedule the best time you’d want us to take care of your microwave.